Out of Gas

A little work of fiction, told from an unusual (for me) point of view. I can’t say that none of the events in the story were inspired by true events though 🙂 Enjoy!


I had to punish her. It would be swift and harsh. Granted, her sin was not the greatest of transgressions, but this was the third time in less than a year that she had left the gas tank on empty, and forced me to trudge the three miles to the station and back when the car stopped on my way home from work. I was hot, sweaty, tired, hungry…and very, VERY angry.

“Allie!” I roared as I threw open the front door. She scampered down the stairs, babbling pathetic excuses I did not have any interest in hearing. I held up a hand to silence her and then pointed to the dining room. Usually, before I disciplined her, we would talk about why she needed it. I would make her explain what she did wrong and why she needed to be punished. I would then tell her what I was going to do to her, and then she would stand in the corner until I felt she had sufficiently reflected on her impending doom.

Today, though, we both knew exactly what she was going to be punished for, and I did not have the patience to listen to her stammer out her apologies and wait through her corner time. At the moment, I wanted nothing more than to watch her soft, round bottom turn brighter and brighter red under my firm command. So I ordered her into the dining room, pulled the bag of punishment tools out of the closet, and took a seat in one of the sturdy, straight-backed chairs. I told her, quite calmly, considering the anger that still burned in me, that I did not want to hear one word out of her the rest of the evening. Then I told her to strip naked and prepare for a spanking.

She was trembling at the fury I know she could see in my face, but she obeyed without question, shrugging out of her jacket and blouse and peeling off her tight jeans before unhooking her bra and allowing her gorgeous, firm breasts to spring from their enclosure. She glanced at me and paused momentarily to see if perhaps I was appreciating the sight of her breasts so much that I might forgo her punishment, but that was a foolish hope. I crossed my arms and nodded sternly for her to continue. She turned her back to me, and slowly rolled her panties down her over her luscious, plump ass. She let them fall to her ankles, then stepped out of them to kneel on the floor next to me. Wasting no time, I patted my knee to indicate that it was time for her to get into position. She stretched her ass across my lap, her hands flat on the floor to my left, her toes dangling in midair to my right. I slid the punishment bag to the left of my chair, so that she could look down into it and dread the pain the contents were going to cause her. I began the spanking, my palm making a satisfying smacking sound against her skin.  Her ass cheeks began to turn pink at the first stroke, and as I continued to strike, her ass grew redder and redder. She began to cry, but, as I had instructed, she did not say anything, and tried hard to stifle her sobs.

After about ten minutes of this, I paused in the spanking, only long enough to reach into the bag and pull out a hard wooden spoon. I resumed the spanking, the spoon leaving deep red oval-shaped marks that I knew she would feel for days. She squealed and I could feel every muscle in her body tense as she tried desperately to stay in position over my knee.  She was struggling, I knew – it had been a very long time since I had spanked her this hard, and her body was not used it. But I was in no mood for mercy. I continued, striking over and over and over, a flurry of swats on her right cheek, then on her left, then back to right, left again, on and on. It was not until I saw the tell-tale deep purple warning of bruises that I finally dropped the spoon with a clatter on the hardwood floor. As I reached into the bag again, I felt her sharp intake of breath as she watched me fish around in the bag and pull out a butt plug and a small jar of Vicks. I had not made her do this for punishment for a long time – I knew how badly it hurt her. But today, I wanted her ass burning inside and out until she screamed with remorse. I popped the lid off the jar and dipped the tip of the plug into the innocent-looking clear gel. I handed the open jar to her to hold and slid my left hand between her scorching cheeks. I pried them apart to bare the tiny puckered bud of her asshole, which was clenched tightly…but wouldn’t be for long. Her whole body was trembling with dread, and I began to feel sorry for the ordeal she was about to endure. I adjusted my hand to spread her cheeks wider and told her, “Now Allie, you know you really do deserve this.” With that, I nosed the tip of the plug against the bud and began it’s slow, forceful intrusion. This was not the largest plug I used on her by any means, but with five inches of length widening into a good two inches of girth, it was no slouch either. Allie whimpered at first contact, but as I pushed the burning plug farther and farther into her ass, the whimpers turned to cries of agony. As it reached the halfway point, her poor sphincter began to spasm, trying to expel the intruder, and I knew that it would require all her will-power to take the rest of it. I could feel her trying to time her breathing as I had taught her, to relax her anus with each intake of breath, but the burning menthol inside and the flaming red cheeks outside were making it hard for her to concentrate. I didn’t pause the plug’s descent into the depths for even a second, keeping up a slow, steady pressure as I watched her asshole stretch and stretch to engulf the mass. Finally, she let out a screech – “Eeeeyoooow!” – as the widest part of the plug passed the inner ring and the base slammed home, the quarter-size flange and the sobs of the punished girl the only evidence of the torture her ass was now in. I pressed my thumb against the base of the plug and gave it several good shoves to ensure it was as far in as possible, then I held it in place as her body writhed and bucked. I could feel the plug against my palm, struggling to escape it’s prison, but I held it in place until her sobbing calmed and her body began to relax in acceptance of the punishment.

Finally, I released her, and sent her to stand in the corner for her ass to burn and throb while she thought about her punishment. Her shoulders shook as she wept in pain and remorse. I sat and watched her for some minutes before I began my lecture.

“You know you deserve everything you get tonight, don’t you Allie? The carelessness you’ve shown with the car is inexcusable. It’s disrespectful to me, and it’s downright dangerous. So far, I’ve only been greatly inconvenienced by your forgetfulness, but what if one of those times something terrible had happened and I couldn’t get to you? Did you think about that? Now, you know I don’t punish you because I enjoy it; I punish you to teach you a lesson. I had hoped this one could be learned without going to these extremes, but it seems that this is what you understand. Your ass is going to be sore for days, and I hope it reminds you to act like an adult and take responsibility.”

I could tell by her shuddering sobs that I’d finally touched a nerve. She hated to be lectured like a naughty child, but I knew she was as convicted by my words as she was humiliated. I reached into the bag one more time and pulled out Allie’s paddle – it had been specially made to cover her entire ass perfectly, and was light enough for me to wield for a very long time. I told her to get into position over my knees again and when she turned and saw what I was holding her eyes widened with horror and she burst into fresh tears. But I was determined to get the message through to her, and when she met my stern, unwavering gaze she obediently waddled across the room, concentrating hard to keep the butt plug in, and leaned back over my lap. As I lifted my arm for the first blow, her body tensed so tightly that she nearly bucked off my lap, and I saw her arm jerk back toward her ass, before she caught herself and returned to the proper position. The movement was so sudden and brief that I knew that her feeble attempt to protect her ass from the paddling was almost involuntary; nonetheless, she would pay dearly for it. I ordered her to put her hands behind her back, and with my left hand I clenched her wrists in a vise-like grip and held them painfully tight against the small of her back. Now she had no support other than her stomach lying across my knees, and I could pin her down on my lap so that her ass was entirely under my control. It was no longer a question of her remaining in position; she couldn’t have escaped if she tried. With that, I brought the paddle down violently on her sore ass, and was rewarded with the scream of pain I had been waiting for. Again and again I struck, raining blows that caused her to shriek and wail with every one. The burning plug in her asshole was being rammed harder into her ass with each stroke of the paddle and I knew she’d be as bruised inside as she was outside by the time I was through. I was merciless with that paddle; her poor ass was a deep, glowing red, and I as I paddled, I could feel the resistance as her cheeks swelled and tightened. When her ass was so swollen it looked ready to burst, and her screams were echoing through the house, and the muscles in my arm finally gave out, I stopped.

Allie lay heaving and gasping, and I had to feel some sympathy for her. I knew I was being very hard on her – deservedly so – but that didn’t make the punishment any easier for her to take. She had done well so far, too. For all the abuse I had heaped on her ass, she hadn’t once asked me stop. I almost considered ending her punishment then and there, but I determined to follow through with everything I had planned. So, I helped her into a standing position and pulled a few more tools out of the bag. I buckled a rough canvas belt around her naked waist, pulling it painfully tight. I turned her around, and bent her forward. She obeyed me without question. Now I needed to attach a band to the base of the plug in her ass, as I hadn’t done it before the insertion. This was going to be painful for her, as I needed some room to buckle the small canvas band around the stem. I tugged at the plug, until I had enough space to work. This forced her sphincter muscle into an agonizing position, with the largest part of the bulb holding her asshole wide open. She groaned and moaned until I finally had the band attached and slid the plug home again. Next, I threaded a thin leather strap through the two O-rings now attached to base of the plug. I stretched the strap snugly across the base of the plug and pulled one end of the long strap between her ass cheeks and looped it around the belt around her waist. I turned her around again and brought the other end of the strap between her legs, spreading her pussy lips so that the strap pulled tight across her clitoris. This was called a saddle strap, and could be painful and very effective if done properly. To ensure that I applied as much pressure as possible to the straps, I turned her this way and that, tightening the ass strap and the pussy strap alternately until the leather was stretched to its limits. She bent forward to try to lessen the pressure on her clit, but when I ordered her to stand upright, she obeyed, wincing. I watched her face as I clipped heavy plastic clamps onto her nipples. Through her tears, I could read the uncertain apprehension as she wondered what was going to happen to her now. When I took firm hold of her arm and began to lead her down the hall to the bathroom, she groaned and whined. She knew that I was going to give her my own special punishment – the water torment – and I had to admit, it was pretty cruel. It was going to be a miserable evening for her.

Once in the bathroom, I pulled back the shower curtain and ordered her into the tub. Tears streamed down her face as she realized what was in store for her. She lay on her back, wincing as her burning ass made contact with the cold porcelain. She raised her legs into the air and spread them wide, sobbing. I took the shower head down from its chrome fixture and knelt on the floor next to the tub. Adjusting the faucets, I aimed the shower head at her throbbing asshole. She screamed and twisted trying to escape the scalding water. Sweeping the water stream from her asshole up between her legs to her pussy, I watched her clitoris throbbing against the leather strap, begging for stimulation. I could spend half an hour or more with this amusement, watching her ass turn even brighter and brighter red under the scalding water, her asshole pulsing against the ever-burning intruder, and her pussy swelling and throbbing, hungry for a release it would never get. With her most sensitive parts hidden tight under the strap, the water offered her only a maddeningly frustrating sensation. When she lifted her hips and tried desperately to grind against the unforgiving stream, I smacked her ass hard, causing her to howl and hiss in agony.

When her face was twisted in misery and her asshole and pussy, indeed her entire ass was swollen like a red balloon, I turned off the water and pulled my rock-hard cock free. I pulled her to her knees, and she, knowing the rules of this punishment, clasped her hands firmly behind her back. With tears still streaming down her face, she opened her mouth wide to receive me. She worked hungrily, sucking and licking my cock like it would provide the only sustenance she would ever require. I grasped a handful of her hair and used it as a handle by which to steer her head, forcing it downward to remind her of the attention due my balls. She readily bathed them with her soft pink tongue, and when she’d finished that, I took hold of her head with both hands and began to drive my cock in and out of her mouth. She knew better than to gag or struggle, and as I pumped harder and harder she struggled mightily to accommodate my girth. Finally, I thrust forward as deep as I could and clasped her face to my crotch while my cum spurted down her throat and coated the inside of her mouth. She gamely swallowed and sucked until I released her, then went to work licking me clean. When she had finished, she looked longingly up through tear-soaked lashes, silently begging me for her own release. When I sat down on the closed lid of the toilet and pulled her up over my knees for some more spanking, I could feel her pussy pulsating hard against my thigh and I nearly caved. But I did not. I raised my hand with renewed strength and began a steady tattoo on her thoroughly abused ass. She screamed and wailed, but I didn’t let up until I could feel my cock regaining its hardness, poking into the hollow between her legs. I picked her up under one arm and carried her to the bedroom. I set her down on the bedroom floor and unbuckled the belt and straps between her legs. Ordering her into position on the bed, I waited until she’d knelt in the middle of the spread and thrust her ass upward, then began the agonizing process of removing the butt plug. The burning from the Vicks would have been renewed by the scalding water, and her throbbing asshole gamely clenched at the plug and I had to tug painfully hard to begin its evacuation. I pulled slowly, twisting it with evil pleasure as she moaned and sobbed out her misery. I paused again at the widest point to let her asshole feel the agony of the stretch one more time, then slowly removed it, leaving the mouth of her sore hole suddenly grasping at nothing.

With her asshole clear of obstruction, I climbed onto the bed behind her. I slipped a condom over my throbbing cock to protect it from the remnants of the burning Vicks which had punished her so harshly, then positioned myself behind her. I paused, my hands on her hips, allowed her dread to well up inside her, waiting for this final violation. When I couldn’t wait any longer, I nosed the tip of my cock against her bruised and bullied hole, and instructed her to take a deep breath. She did so, then gasped it all out in a wretched cry as I slammed the entire length of my cock into her ass. I leaned heavily against her hips as she screamed and struggled mightily to crawl forward and relieve some of the pressure on her sore asshole. I pulled almost out, then slammed into her again, enjoying the resistance of her swollen ass. Finally, I began to ride her steadily, ramming my cock deeper and deeper into her, reveling in her cries of pain and pleasure.


My First One

My Master says this blog is long overdue.

First, some background. I have been with my Master for almost a year now. I was a DD/BDSM novice when we began. Part of my routine has been to keep a diary, but my Master has determined that I would benefit more from a more public “diary” of sorts. Hence, this blog. I am a very private person, and Sir says that I stay too much in my own head. Part of my training has been to own and embrace my emotions, communicate honestly, and receive feedback, and this blog is intended to be a part of this process.

For my first post, I am to transcribe my very first diary entry, so here goes:

“August 25, 2014, Monday, 9pm

I was late returning home from my trip. Master had an enema punishment ritual scheduled for 9pm. I was not prepared until 9:38pm. Cane strokes added for tardiness. One stroke per minute for the first twenty minutes, three per minute for the next ten, five for every minute after. 20 plus 30 plus 40 equals 90. I answered incorrectly when asked, and requested ninety-five strokes, which Master kindly agreed to administer. When I presented, I forgot the wood clamps for my nipples, and was sent to fetch them. Master added five more cane strokes, bringing my total extras to one hundred cane strokes. I can feel my ass clenching as I write this, which is not allowed. Master catches me and sends me for my # 1 plug. Now I must insert it myself in one try, with no lube, and wear it and my nipple clamps until it is time for the enemas. I manage it, but I am nearly crying.

Now I am ready for spankings. Master asks if I wish to take my maintenance or my extras first. I request my maintenance. My ass will be very sore by the time I take my extras, and the cane will hurt more, but it is even worse to take the cane on cold skin.

My maintenance tonight will be medium level – 5 strokes w/ wooden spoon over panties, 5 strokes with metal spatula over panties, 5 strokes w/ leather spanker over panties, 5 strokes w/ flogger over panties, 5 strokes w/ yardstick over panties, 5 strokes w/ crop over panties, 5 strokes w/ large paddle over panties, 5 strokes w/ rod over panties.

Then repeat all on my bare ass.

Then I will take 100 strokes w/ cane for extras.

Then begin my enemas:

2qt warm water – hold for 5 minutes

1.5 qt hot sauce – hold for 3 minutes

.5 qt ice water – hold for 2 minutes

2qt hot water – hold 10 minutes

I receive 50 strokes between each enema, implement to be determined based on my behavior during enema administration. During release, I receive flogger to my pussy, thighs, and tits. Plastic nipple clamps also worn during release.

*****To be continued during enema holding time – maintenance strokes begin now*****

I have received my first enema and am holding it for five minutes. Master was very gracious, and did not add to my holding time even though I failed to take the enema at first. I am certain the spanking for this one will be severe though. I am grateful that I took both my maintenance and extras well – I did not earn additional punishment for crying or moving.

The enema is beginning to hurt very much and I am grateful my time is almost up.”

It almost makes me laugh, reading back through this diary. Sometimes I forget how far I’ve come, how well Master has taught me. That there was a time when 5 strokes was considered “medium” anything, I “failed” to take an enema (such small ones too!), or the #1 plug seemed big. I take hundreds of strokes now; if I slip up when taking an enema, I take it over and over until I do it correctly; and the #1 plug is a vacation for my asshole now.

I think this blog is going to be a very interesting experiment for me. I am grateful to my Master for having me begin it. For now, though, I’ll leave it. I have a maintenance session scheduled in an hour and I need to get ready. My ass is twitching already.

Hugs everyone!